TM Forum Digital Transformation Asia 2018

Happened on 13 Nov 2018

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Conference Overview

November 14th


KEYNOTE: Now is the Time to Go Digital


  • What’s the difference between Digitised and Digital, and why does your business need to worry about both?
  • What digital transformation pathway should your business follow?
  • Guide and accelerate your transformation journey using the Digital Mastermind from the Open ROADS Community, especially on skills, culture change and standards
  • Lessons learnt and best practices from successful digital transformation at HKT, KPN and Huawei
    · Skills and culture change
    · Standards and framework


November 14th

Accelerating Transformation: Digital Mastermind Executive Workshop (invitation only)

The community collaborate with the TM Forum on the workshop. It is an in-depth executive workshop focused on the ‘how’ of digital transformation. Featuring expert insights from Roland Berger, Ogilvy, ThoughtWorks, HKT, TM Forum, and Huawei, this workshop offers practical guidance, tools, and inspiration to lead and accelerate your digital transformation journey.

Entry to this workshop is by invitation only.

Attendees of this workshop will be able to:

  • learn how industry peers are overcoming the challenges of successful transformation, including creating and capturing new value;
  • explore the latest best practices to drive transformation from companies and organizations at the heart of major transformation programs;
  • enjoy exclusive access to new thinking and tools from OPRC and TM Forum.

The Open ROADS Community, powered by Huawei, is dedicated to accelerating digital transformation. The Community’s core constituents are digital service providers, joined by digital industry participants and all firms which grow their businesses from an internet-based ecosystem. The Community achieves its goal by serving as a cross-industry accelerator for identifying new digital business models and revenue opportunities, including creating, sharing and implementing best practices for addressing those opportunities.

TM Forum Digital Transformation Asia 2018

Our Speakers

Trevor Cheung
Managing Director, Open ROADS Community

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