Digital Mastermind

A Holistic Framework for Navigating the Digital Transformation Journey

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Over the past 18 months, the Open ROADS Community has brought together leaders from many industries to jointly develop and share best practices in digital transformation. Applying novel business models and methodologies, we have together created new transformation solutions ideally suited to our Community’s needs.

Transformation Framework Overview

Digital Mastermind

Executing any of these strategies involves embarking on a number of empathy exercises, maturity assessments and capability synchronization. 

If you have decided it is time to put your digital transformation plan into action, you can contact us for more information and suggestions for your next steps.

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The Digital Mastermind Playbook is one of the best examples - it is an introduction to the collection of actions and strategies leaders need to ensure their digital transformation initiative is successful .

DM playbook

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The playbook is not a script, or a to-do list; think of it as a series of ‘plays’ that you can coach your team through various stages of transformation. We hope you will find it interesting and, above all, useful.

We will continue to refine this playbook through continued practical application, so if you have comments (or better ideas!), please do let us know.

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