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The Open Digital Maturity Model (ODMM) is an assessment tool which benchmarks an organization’s current digital maturity level against its own digital transformation goals and the performance of best-in-class organizations.

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Six Categories and Why They Matter

Working Group Members

  • Philip Laidler

    STL Partners

  • Kelvin Yeung


  • Kenneth Wan


  • Dharma Syahputra

    Telkom Indonesia

  • Martin Kriha

    Deutsche Telekom

  • Raul Reyes

    America Movil

  • Derek Chen

    Hong Kong Telecom

  • Jonathan Hopkinson


  • Christopher Brewer


  • Frank Grasic


  • Arief Musta'in

    Telkom Indonesia

  • Julien Roux


  • Pierre Robinet


  • Tanya Cheng


  • Hatem Bamatraf


  • Saiful Hidayat

    Telkom Indonesia

  • Tanja Hencker

    Deutsche Telekom

  • Tom Pang

    Hong Kong Telecom

  • Shekhar Kulkarni


  • Aiken Leung

    Solace Systems

  • San Zaw



  • Hong Kong Telecom
  • Telkom Indonesia

The ODMM is made up of a holistic set of assessment criteria organizations use to measure their digital maturity. Developed by a cross-functional Open ROADS Community Working Group, the ODMM helps enterprises evaluate their current capabilities along six dimensions, which collectively represent the digital assets and capabilities—technology, talent, processes and strategies—required to be a successful digital service provider.

1. Strategic Dynamism

Defines an organization's agility through its strategic planning and governance activities

2. Digital Culture, Talent & Skills

Measures the tools, skills and processes needed to empower an organization’s digital workforce

3. Optimal Customer Experience

Assesses how an organization uses customer insights to personalize and improve customer experience

4. Data Centricity

Assesses how an organization bases its operational processes on analytics, and how it maximizes the value of the data it generates

5. Service Innovation & Optimized Delivery

Assesses an organization's ability to manage its ecosystem partner relationships in order to increase its own revenue

6. Digital Technology Leadership

Assesses how an organization leverages the capabilities of powerful, readily accessible technologies, which allow it to respond to changing market situations by delivering unique business capabilities

The comprehensive group of capabilities and processes within each Level One Category is further broken down into Level Two criteria, represented in the chart below.  



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White Paper

Introduction to the Open Digital Maturity Model V2 Download

Governance Documents

1. Long Term Sustainability Principles Download
2. Assessor Accreditation Download
3. Obligations on Assessors and Businesses Download
4. Model for Change Control Download

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