Universal Customer View

To Identify and/or create best practices to use available data to develop a comprehensive view of each end-user in order to facilitate customer experience, data monetization and business intelligence use cases

Universal Customer View

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Working Group Members

  • Peter Lam

  • Tom Pang

  • Cem Demircioglu

  • Chris Williams

  • Claudia Perlich

  • Jonathan Hopkinson

  • Matthew Tod

  • Michael Beck-Hansen


  • HKT
  • Ogilvy

  • HKT
  • DTAC


During the inaugural Open ROADS Community meeting in Singapore, delegates were asked to identify examples of both good and poor customer experience which they had encountered. These were noted down on post-it notes, and then clustered around common themes. It became very clear that many good and poor customer experiences were due to the presence or lack of common attributes, for example proactive vs reactive care and contextual vs non-contextual communication. 



  • Identify and demonstrate the necessary data sources, analytics techniques and supporting architecture required to develop a full understanding of the needs, behaviors, interests and context (circumstances) of every user of the service provider's products and services.
  • Quantify and demonstrate the business value of  having such a thorough understanding of the user.


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