Why join?

The Open ROADS Community's goal is to help facilitate best practices in digital transformation.

Gain access to a wealth of educational materials and training and consultancy services. Members receive invitations to exclusive dinners and collaborative events that often include guest speakers and thought-leaders.

Member Benefits

Our membership tiers offer different levels of access and involvement in the Open ROADS Community projects and events. Everyone can play a part in the transformation to digital business operations.

General Member

General Membership provides access to the member area of the Open ROADS Community, including regular updates on industry trends and case studies from leading experts and analysts.

General Members benefits:

  • Regular updates on industry trends and case studies from leading experts and analysts
Committee Member

A Committee Membership will bring you further access and involvement through community events and thought-leadership programs. In addition to the benefits of the General Membership, Committee Members also enjoy:

Committee Members benefits:

  • Opportunities to participate in working groups in the creation of key technologies and practices
  • Unparalleled networking opportunities with leading service providers and potential business partners from around the world
  • Access to training and consultancy services
Advisory Board Members

Advisory Board Members (ABMs) play a key role in leading the Open ROADS Community. Through collaboration with other Board Members, ABMs pioneer digital transformation ventures related to their own enterprise, or to the enterprises of other Board Members. As key spokespeople and representatives of the Open ROADS Community, ABMs spearhead events, keynotes, discussions and more, sharing knowledge and experiences with the rest of the community. In addition to the benefits of the General and Committee Membership, Advisory Board Members also enjoy:

ABM benefits:

  • Influence on, and final approval for the creation of key technologies and practices
  • Opportunities to lead working groups in the creation of key technologies and practices
  • Voting rights in regards to Community membership
  • Access to exclusive content such as maturity assessment results and interactive case studies.
  • Access to complimentary seminars and working groups with industry thought-leaders
  • Opportunities for industry recognition, including individual and company awards

ABM responsibilities:
Advisory Board Member is expected to:

  • Deliver at least one keynote speech at the Open ROADS Community Summit and in a Webinar every year.
  • Sponsor Working Group and facilitate Reference Implementation.
  • Provide feedback to periodic surveys which will be coordinated through a neutral consulting firm for NDA protection and industry benchmarking purposes.
  • Attend a semi-annual board meeting and annual Summit which will be held at a global destination to be determined.
  • Spend up to 3 days every six month on ROADS initiatives.
  • Recommend participants to all above activities.

How to join?

Joining the Open ROADS Community is easy. We have three tiers of Community membership, offering different levels of access to the community's projects, education and events.

General Member

To join Open ROADS Community as a general member, simply register your particulars at https://www.openROADScommunity.com/user/register.

Committee Member

In order to become a Committee Member of the Open ROADS Community, you need to be nominated by an Advisory Board Member.

First register for a General Membership at https://www.openROADScommunity.com/user/register.

Then, to elevate your membership, you must have sponsorship from a member of the Open ROADS Community Advisory Board.

Alternatively, you may be contacted by the Director of Membership Development for an automatic upgrade based on your active contribution to the Open ROADS Community.

Advisory Board Member

Our Advisory Board is made up of industry leaders who are highly active in the Open ROADS Community.

To join as an Advisory Board Member, you are first required to be nominated by an existing board member. A vote will then be called and the final decision will be made by the Chairman of the Open ROADS Community.


To build the next generation digital highway, the Open ROADS Community is reliant on the contributions of all members. The Open ROADS Community aims to develop a holistic approach to ICT transformation so that we can produce and develop an ecosystem framework.

Join us.

The Open ROADS Community includes the best minds from organisations responsible for setting industry standards. We invite you to join us as we forge a path to the ICT transformation.

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