Harnessing the Open Digital Maturity Model to overcome telco challenges

Challenges towards achieving ICT transformation 

New technology such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud-based services are re-setting customer expectations, enabling products and services to be delivered in real-time, anywhere in the world.

Technological innovation brings many advantages to those who harness it, but at the same time can impact telcos who are behind the curve. Inefficient legacy systems such as aging infrastructure and outdated software, are impacting performance and brand reputation making it difficult for some telcos to retain and attract new customers.


How can the Open Digital Maturity Model help?

The industry needs to take action towards digitally transforming business, by incorporating a focus on user-experience, operations, and ICT infrastructure. 

The Open Digital Maturity Model (ODMM) is a best practice guide which enables telcos and other enterprises to benchmark their digital transformation progress, and provide a pathway towards becoming a Digital Service Provider (DSP).

ODMM can be used to determine the level of digital transformation a business needs and where it should prioritise its efforts. During the assessment a number of key categories are identified and the final score will then determine the level of digital transformation, in absolute and relative terms.

The model can identify pain points to help to telcos build brand value through purposeful marketing, improve customer experience, and drive sales through establishing a marketing and data platforms to build new channels of customer engagement.


Applying Design Thinking

In addition to the Open Digital Maturity Model, it is essential Design Thinking is used as a key component and ingredient to achieving digital success.

Design Thinking fills the gaps identified by the Open Digital Maturity Model assessment, putting digital transformation into action, and providing telcos with a blueprint to build up an optimum customer-centric experience, placing ROADS (Real-Time, On-demand, All-online, DIY, and Social) at its heart.

Peter Lam, managing director of Engineering at HKT commented on the importance of digital transformation at the Open ROADS Community London meeting:  “The world is moving into IoT and it’s important that digital transformation is focused on machine and human connectivity, ensuring a real-time service by using SDN and NFV carrier grade technology.”

“We need to know where we are, where we want to be, and how we get there. The Open Digital Maturity Model provides a benchmark for our current status and how we are performing against our peer group. It establishes a continual improvement process, to make sure we are getting better and better.”

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