Open Digital Maturity Model V6R1 and Model Weights Released

The Open ROADS Community would like to wish all our members well at this difficult time.

Public health is of paramount importance, and the resulting widespread introduction of social distancing measures has made digital business operations more important than ever before, with the current stressful environment sharply highlighting the digital laggards and digital leaders. While there are many examples of companies frustrating their customers with long call holding times and poor customer service, we also see companies that are thriving due to their ability to support their workforce and rapidly scale to meet the unprecedented demand for their services. As a result, it is likely that digital transformation efforts will be re-doubled as societies return to normality.

During the current period, the Open ROADS Community has continued to develop the Open Digital Maturity Model (ODMM), and is pleased to announce the release of ODMM V6R1. This release contains the following enhancements, based on feedback from our industry partners:-

  • New Metrics
    • Digital Risk Management (Strategic Dynamism)
    • Revenue Assurance and Fraud Detection (Innovation & Lean Delivery)
    • Data Roles and Decision Rights (Big Data & AI)
    • Emerging Technology (Technology Leadership)
    • Environmental Impact (Technology Leadership)
    • Energy Consumption (Technology Leadership)
    • Tools Catalogue (Technology Leadership)
  • Improvements to several definitions and Metric descriptions
  • Adjustments to make the ODMM more industry agnostic
  • Updates to selected Metric references


In addition, to ease adoption of the ODMM in these challenging times, we are pleased to announce that the model weights for ODMM V6R1 are also being released to our members. This will allow our members to easily and independently calculate a benchmark digital maturity score for each ODMM Dimension without recourse to third parties or the Community’s online tool. The weights are embedded in the ODMM Digital Maturity Score calculation spreadsheet which can be found here.

If you have any questions or feedback about this announcement or the community in general, please do contact us at [email protected].

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