The Open ROADS Community Hong Kong Meeting

The Open ROADS Community successfully held its 4th global meeting, from the 13th - 14th December in Hong Kong, China. Over 40 delegates attended the meeting, including representatives from DBS Bank, Deutsche Telekom, HKT, Huawei, Ogilvy, Roland Berger, SAP, Sunrise, Telkom Indonesia, TIBCO and the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA).

Hong Kong meeting group photo

The goal of the meeting was to help participants go beyond just theory in digital transformation and on to actual implementation. The meeting was designed to be very hands-on, allowing participants to put their knowledge into practice and highlight any problem areas. Participants were guided through an in-depth overview of the communities’ tools, including an updated Digital Mastermind, to demonstrate the practical steps involved in progressing to digital transformation implementation.


In a key session of the meeting, members of the Open ROADS Community rolled up their sleeves and performed an end-to-end exercise using the Digital Mastermind playbook. As a result of this experience, 74% of the participants expressed their willingness to introduce Digital Mastermind into their own organisations.

Martin Kriha, from Deutsche Telekom, remarked after the meeting that Digital Mastermind is unique when compared to other industry transformation frameworks. He went further on to say, “I think the framework gives very good guidance, from really defining a strategy, then defining where you are and where you need to go.”


The Open Digital Maturity Model (ODMM) working group delivered a separate workshop to share the latest developments in the ODMM, including the introduction of a comprehensive set of references, and a completely revised set of KPIs which have been carefully selected to align with business capability performance. Additionally, the ODMM online scoring tool was officially launched. This allows accredited assessors to quickly input assessment scores and immediately see the gaps (including over-investment) between an organisation’s current state and its aspiration. Participating members welcomed the updates, recognising that the ODMM provides a strong foundation for transformation and helps determine a clear direction in which to proceed.

"The community should encourage companies from other industries to adopt the ODMM, such as DBS, to learn more about the transformation experience," explained Saiful Hidayat, Director of Transformation Projects at Telkom Indonesia.

Looking forward to 2018, version 3 of the ODMM, targeted for a Q1 release, will include an increased consideration for social engagement while incorporating the latest research findings from sources such as MIT CISR.


Of course, digital transformation is ultimately about delivering increased business value, and when applying the Digital Mastermind, it is essential to identify the right digital KPIs to track progress. Such KPIs can incentivise managers and employees to focus on the initiatives offering most business value, ensuring a consistent direction for all transformation activities. In a session dedicated to reviewing the best KPIs for this purpose, Matthew Ng, Senior Vice President of DBS Bank shared his organisation’s experience, explaining that DBS derive their digital KPIs not just from the leadership, but also grass-roots staff to ensure practical business scenarios are fully considered.


The Community’s work will continue in 2018, primarily driven through 6 established working groups closely aligned to industry trends and member feedback. In particular, focus will be given to further development of the Continuous Transformation Roadmap. In support of this, Diane Brundge, VP Membership Development from the TSIA, shared insights from their research which would help improve the delivered value of the Continuous Transformation Roadmap.


Throughout the two days of the meeting, participants were able to learn extensively from the TSIA, Roland Berger, SAP, TIBCO and DBS about their innovative digital transformation practices and their view on industry trends. The community will continue to build on this rich experience during 2018 to promote the wider adoption of Digital Mastermind, ODMM and digital KPIs to ensure that maximum business benefit is derived from digital transformation.


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