Open ROADS Community Paris Meeting Highlights

The Open ROADS Community successfully held its third global meeting, in Paris, from 10 to 12 May. Nearly 50 delegates from global operators, solution providers, consultancies and digital experience innovation companies attended the meeting. The entire ‘C-suite’ was represented: CEOs/COOs/CTOs/CIOs together with Strategy, Marketing, Finance and Human Capital heads to boast a full ‘digital boardroom’.

Paris Meeting Group Photo

The Paris meeting focused in depth on the practical tools and processes that Community members need to deploy in order to accelerate their transformation initiatives, including the industry-wide Open Digital Maturity Model (ODMM), Balanced Digital Scorecard, and Digital Culture, Talent and Skills.


Major Outcomes of the Meeting

1. Release of the Digital Mastermind

Digital Mastermind is the community’s holistic framework which provides a business with a comprehensive blueprint of all the processes it must follow during a digital transformation journey.


2. ODMM results-oriented workshop

  • Attendees discussed the evaluation indicators and KPIs within the ODMM, and how to optimize the evaluation model.
  • Delegates from Telkom Indonesia and HKT shared the results from the initial field trials of the ODMM. 

Peter Lam, Managing Director of Engineering, Hong Kong Telecom: "The Open Digital Maturity Model is a powerful tool, helping the team to identify the gaps and also prioritize tasks."

Tanja Hencker, PD Production Transformation, Deutsche Telekom: “Service Innovation & Optimized Delivery is very important because it is addressing service growth which is very important for us as operators to make money and on the other hand addressing cost avoidance and reduction of duplication of work.”

Saiful Hidayat, Director of Telkom Group Transformation Project, Telkom Indonesia: "Digital Transformation should have a positive impact on the corporation’s financial metrics and the assessment results of the Open Digital Maturity Model should drive the next step actions."



3.  Members of the Advisory Board discussed and voted to establish a new Working Group on Digital Culture, Talent & Skills.

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Establish Digital Culture, Talent and Skills

4. New follow-up community Forum Topics



5. Build your Balanced Digital Scorecard using Design Thinking

Some 30 attendees engaged in a sleeves-rolled-up learning session, to understand the principles of design thinking and apply them in the creation of a Balanced Digital Scorecard (BDS)—a visualization and evaluation tool that will allow their transformation teams to manage their transformation progress.



The Open ROADS Community is initiated by Huawei, and brings together leading voices from across the industry to answer the question posed by the transformation to digital business. Our intent is that the Open ROADS Community will be the incubator for digital transformation best practice.


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