Open ROADS Community is the Accelerator for Digital Transformation

ROADS stands for Real-time, On-demand, All-online, Do-It-Yourself, and Social.

The Open ROADS Community is a forum dedicated to accelerating digital business transformation. The Community’s core constituents are digital service providers, joined by digital industry participants and all firms which grow their businesses from an internet-based ecosystem. The Community achieves its goal by serving as a cross-industry accelerator for identifying new digital business models and revenue opportunities, including creating, sharing and implementing best practices for addressing those opportunities.

The ROADS acronym stands for five tenets which define the deep levels of personalization and quick service delivery expected by digital consumers today.

Experience Driven Digital Transformation

Delivering the ROADS experience requires the industries to adopt a holistic approach; both operations and infrastructure need to be transformed.

ROADS is a Huawei initiative that promises to enhance the five fundamental characteristics of the ultimate user experience – Real-time, On-demand, All-online, Do-It-Yourself, and Social.

The industries will encounter many challenges which no single player can solve in isolation. To successfully address the challenges, we must be “open” in many senses of the word.


Who is the community for?

We welcome participants who want to redefine themselves in the digital business world to join this community. There is a unique opportunity for service providers to create and cultivate a new digital ecosystem, which will generate new sources of industry value and revenue opportunities. Firms from other industries that work with service providers in defining this ecosystem will reap similar benefits.


Open to All Industries

The ROADS experience has global resonance and is applicable across several industries. We must be open to learning from and collaborating with other industry verticals to create and improve services and provide a better customer experience.

At our first Open ROADS Advisory Board Meeting in Singapore, we heard from transport booking app Grab. While most companies use the GPS data in their system to predict supply and demand, Grab took it one step further and provided the data for free to the World Bank-backed OpenTraffic -- a non-profit initiative set up to improve traffic conditions in one of the most notoriously congested cities in the region - Manila.


Open to Ecosystem Partners

Many opportunities to create value will be possible by putting the systems in place to enable an ecosystem. Experience tells us that opening up your capabilities to partners via APIs can potentially create many innovative and valuable new services, well beyond what Telco can develop in isolation.

We only need look at the iOS and Android developed communities to see how building ecosystem can fuel innovation. By providing a platform and sharing their APIs to app developers, these two tech giants have provided a system that developers and brands can exploit, and which through network effects has further entrenched the market share of these two mobile operating systems.


Open to Industry Associations

In the course of executing our activities we should be open to sharing the process and results with other industry bodies, and similarly, we should be open to exploring and re-using as appropriate the output of these same bodies.

A key driver in forming the Open ROADS community was realizing that none of the existing industry bodies in isolation are developing the holistic approach required to successfully enable business transformation. To address this, instead of operating independently, we must communicate and collaborate with industry associations such as GSMA, TM Forum and The Open Group.


Open Collaborative Labs

To support the aim of the Open ROADS community to deliver reference implementations Huawei is committed to supporting the Open ROADS activities with the resources necessary for R&D and will make available our cloud open labs facilities to community members.  In this spirit, we also hope that service providers will open up their production environments to help further validate proposed implementations.

This openness is also an invaluable learning opportunity for industry talent -- the people behind this digital transformation will play a crucial role in making our vision a reality. 


Learn more about the Open ROADS Community

The community addresses these challenges by creating best-in-class frameworks, models and case studies or used cases. So the main benefits to take away from this great learning, some very smart people, some interesting best practice and a will to do better. 

Jerry Smith

Executive Partner, Digital Transformation, Ogilvy Consulting

3 Years Progress of the Community

Our Goals

Our Vision

Our Vision

To be the accelerator for digital transformation, bringing together industry and academia to identify, develop and drive adoption of digital transformation best practices. 


Our Mission

Our Mission

To bring together leading thinkers and business leaders to overcome the challenges of digital disruption and transformation by developing practical tools for its members to adopt. 


Our Strategy

Our Strategy

To work with other industry standards bodies and promotion organizations to select and refine the best practices that can be utilized across the ecosystem.


Core Values

Core Values

  • To foster an open, cross-industry ecosystem that encourages collaboration
  • To develop analytics tools and business models that benefit the entire digital ecosystem
  • To ensure outcomes are business oriented


Advisory Board

Member Benefits


Unparalleled networking opportunities with leading service providers and potential business partners from around the world


Industry Trends

Regular updates on industry trends and case studies from Huawei and leading analyst firms.



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Access to complimentary seminars and working groups with industry thought leaders


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