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Getting Serious About Omni-Channel Experience | Making Customer Value Creation the New Competitive Equation

Today’s omni-channel consumer expects a seamless journey across both physical and digital channels. Personalization and real-time, always on experiences are a core demand for consumers who expect that each and every experience delivers value to their unique journey.

But this expectation has shone a harsh spotlight onto two critical players in the omni-channel experience: the brands creating these connected engagements and the communication service providers upon whose networks these experiences rely.

The increasing imperative for omni-channel engagements has created an imperative for new partnerships between telecommunications providers and brands, establishing new opportunities for telcos to emerge as the “secret ingredient” to dynamic brand engagements. 

This report, titled “Getting Serious About the Omni-Channel Experience,” reveals perspectives from 250 telco and brand marketers around what it will take to effectively partner and implement a world-class omni-channel management (OCM) model. 

The report highlights both the telco and brand perspectives, and shed light into how each constituency is challenged, the ways in which they differ and, most importantly, how each wants to align. 

Key topics outlined in the report include: 

  • What brands expect from telcos
  • What telcos can provide brands
  • How both brands and telcos define a successful omni-channel
  • Gaps on the road to effective transformation

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Published on 30 Aug 2017

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