Open Digital Maturity Model (V5R2) Training Video

This video provides a general introduction to the Open Digital Maturity Model (ODMM), and is intended for those wishing to pursue an ODMM certification, as well as those seeking to understand the operation and structure of the ODMM in more detail.

Why Introduce Certification?

The ODMM allows an organisation to benchmark its current digital maturity level against its own digital transformation goals and the performance of best-in-class organizations. This can serve as a solid foundation on which to build a digital transformation program.

Digital transformation can involve a multi-million dollar investment, so it is important that the maturity assessment is accurate, truly reflecting the current state of the enterprise. For this reason, the Open ROADS Community recommends that maturity assessments are conducted by suitably qualified assessors. To support this, the Community has established an assessor certification program, with recommended study materials and associated exams. Full details of the certification program is provided in the video.

You can access the video here:
ODMM V5R2 Training Video.mp4 (High resolution, 1.60 GB)
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Below is the 3-minute sample video:

Aired on 07 Nov 2019

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