Omni-channel Management Request for Information Proposal(RFI) Template

To Users:
  1. This document should be used as a reference for formal requests for Information or Proposals (RFI or RFP) for Omni-channel Management consulting, solutions or advisory work.
  2. It aims to aid in selection for qualified Omni-channel consultants, system integrators and technology vendors.
  3. This is applicable for B2B and B2C businesses, for both customer care and commercial use.
  4. The document employs insights from several Open ROADS Community-led initiatives, including the Omni-channel Management Industry Alliance (OCM-A), cross-industry telecom industry best practices, and an award-winning TMForum Catalyst Project.
  5. All suggestions are welcome to improve this document and make it more useful for increasing Omni-channel Management maturity for its users.

Published on 23 Aug 2017

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