Q&A: A brief introduction to the Open ROADS Community and its transformation framework


Huawei’s international KOL program presents a brief introduction on the Open ROADS Community. Jonathan Hopkinson, a Business Diplomat for the community explains the best practices businesses should be adopting for a successful digital transformation.      



00:00 Self-introduction of the speakers

01:00 Target audience of digital transformation

03:50 Introduction of digital mastermind

08:30 Why digital transformation applies to all departments 

16:00 How the framework came to fruition 

23:35 Real practices of Digital Mastermind

28:00 Challenges companies facing in digital transformation  

32:50 Specific challenges for telco industries 

36:15 What is the Open Roads Community?


Click here to watch a HD version of the video on Youtube. 



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Aired on 05 Jul 2018

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