Telco Talent Development Global Report 2018

The Global Talent Development survey, which was anchored by Huawei, presented a number of interesting findings on industry themes, such as culture, leadership, most vital technical competencies and organizational initiatives for enabling future talent development. 

The awareness for future readiness is evidently gaining traction. However, it is clear from the survey that leadership involvement needs further impetus. Infra & Network, O&M and Products & Services are projected to be the domains impacted the greatest, whilst Big Data & Cloud are considered to be the most significant future competencies for enterprises to develop. 

Meanwhile, reskilling is the most sought-after channel for capability-building, which is practiced through project-based initiatives & classroom training. Technology and telecom companies are the ones referred-to the most for benchmarking in talent practices.

Post-analysis interpretations of the survey have formulated 26 suggested recommendations and put them in six categories of talent development dynamics. 

Published on 21 May 2018

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